Mascot Profile

Rona and Shiro are a pair of white baby polar bear twins who embark on a journey to experience human society and culture (Especially anime and pop culture)! Their names reflect the connection and bonds between them, their strong will and their eagerness in pursuing their adventure.
Character design and illustration by REI (@rei_17).
Rona (Her name is based on Toronto's area code: Ro(ku) (Shi) Na (Na/te) = 647)
Occupation: Magician
Age: 16
Height: 168cm (Human form) 70cm (Bear form)
Favorite foods: Cold drinks, honeydew melons
Hobbies: Adventuring, day dreaming
Personality: Mature, understanding, approachable and has a strong desire to help others. Well-organized, strong, rational, and brave. She is a dreamer at heart and never gives up pursuing her dreams. Although she can act recklessly, she is also able to take care of those around her and has a reliable demeanor. She puts others before herself and often forgets about her own well-being.
Shiro (His name is based on Toronto's area code: Shi I(Chi) Ro(ku) = 416)
Occupation: Train conductor/professional e-sports player who was pulled into the area because of his talents
Age: 16
Height: 172cm (Human form) 65cm (Bear form)
Favorite foods: Cold drinks, honeydew melons
Hobbies: Collectibles, skiing
Personality: Warm, kind and considerate. Shiro always has the smile of an angel(devil?) He has very strict and high expectations of himself and pursues perfection. He has bouts of childishness and can never accept things that belong to him being taken away. He doesn't like being disturbed during his spare time and likes to quietly engage in his obsessions