Information & Registration


At the J-Pop Dance Cover Competition, contestants will be provided with an opportunity to showcase their dance capabilities before a live audience. Those who wish to participate must be a registered attendee of the 2019 International Fan Festival: Toronto (hereby referred to as IFF).


  • On-site preliminaries: Sunday, April 21st 10:00am
  • Online preliminaries: Accepting submission until April 12th below
  • Finals: Sunday, April 21st 12:30pm


  • Audio and performance duration must be between 2 minutes and 30 seconds and 5 minutes long (2:30-5mins).
  • Songs must be in Japanese, and originally from Japanese media.
  • Mashups and remixes are permitted.
  • Choose your dance cover routine wisely, as a dance can only be performed once so it doesn't get repetitive for the audience.
  • All finalists are only permitted to perform once on stage. Please keep this in mind if you are registering to the competition more than once with various groups of people.
  • The 12 finalists to perform on stage will be determined through Online and On-Location Preliminaries. At minimum 3 finalists will be chosen through the On-Location Preliminaries.
  • Contestants can enter as a solo act, or in groups up to 6 people (On-Location) or 10 people (Online).
  • Judges will look at Choreography Accuracy and Difficulty, Execution and Presentation (at Finals only). Judges will not give verbal feedback after each performance, due to time constraints, however they will have score sheets with feedback for after should contestants request them.
  • Awards will be handed out at the end of the Finals.
  • Please send any inquiries regarding the contest to: ifftdancecover@gmail.com