Information & Registration


  • Contestants will be provided with an opportunity to showcase their singing talents before a live audience. Those who wish to participate must be a registered attendee of the 2019 International Fan Festival: Toronto (hereby referred to as IFF).
  • IFF Idol will be a 2-day event. The preliminaries will take place on Friday, April 19th. The finals will be Sunday, April 21st.


  • Songs are to be submitted either in .mp3 or .wav format BEFORE the convention, and are to be uploaded via the Idol submission form (see below). If the songs cannot be submitted via the submission form, the songs can be emailed to idol@toronto.ifanfes.com (Please specify the contestant's full name and stage name in the same email).
  • The song change will be accepted until Monday, April 15th, 2019. After the date, we can no longer accept changes.
  • Potential contestants will be required to prepare at least 3 songs, on the first-come-first-serve basis. We would like to try to avoid duplicates in the contest so it doesn't get repetitive for the audience.
  • Songs must be in Japanese. Preliminaries will allow for the written lyrics to be present, but for the Finals, lyrics will need to be memorized.
  • There will be an entry cap of 30 people/groups for the preliminary sign ups. After this amount is reached, other potential contestants will be put on a waiting list. If there is time on the day of the preliminaries, we can allow those on the waiting list a chance to perform.
  • Due to the nature of the preliminaries and the time constraints, we ask that contestants only perform the first verse and chorus of their chosen song. If there is time at the end, once everyone has had a chance to perform, we may open the floor to karaoke.
  • The judges will choose 10 people from the preliminaries to move on to the finals.
  • At the Finals, contestants will be allowed to perform songs no longer than 6 minutes in length. Judges will not give verbal feedback after each performance, due to time constraints, however they will have score sheets with feedback for after should contestants request them.
  • Unfortunately, Live Instruments can not be accommodated at this time. Please have recorded instrumentals prepared and attached to the form below.
  • Awards will be handed out at the end of the Finals.
  • Judges will look at Flow of the song, Pronunciation, Pitch and Stage Performance.
  • Contestants can enter as solo acts, duos, or as part of an idol group based on the additional stipulations presented below.

Idol Groups

  • Groups can only be limited to 3-6 members due to stage restrictions (Please note microphones might need to be shared)
  • Duos must enter the Solo/Duo category, and will be judged under those criteria
  • Groups will be judged for: group synergy, quality of performance execution, vocal abilities of all members and pronunciation
  • Songs must be in Japanese and originally from Japanese media. If a NON-GROUP SONG is selected, the distribution of parts with members (also known as "scripting") will be judged under "group synergy."
  • ALL members of the group MUST sing during their performance(s). If a member or more are not seen singing during the performance, points will be lost on BOTH "vocal ability" and "group synergy."
  • Only ONE award will be given for the Group category: "INTERNATIONAL FAN FEST: TORONTO 2019 IDOL BEST TROUPE.”