We are honoured and excited to welcome these amazing guests for IFF Toronto 2020. IFFT is always striving to get your audience a fantastic group of guests, so make sure you check in often for more exciting updates!
Hikarin ひかりん
Voice Actor
Marina Inoue 井上麻里奈
Voice Actor
Tetsuya Kakihara 柿原徹也
Voice Actor
Showtaro Morikubo 森久保祥太郎

Past and Present Guests

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Etiquette at the convention

Please be respectful of our guests and other attendees.
Always ask for permission before taking photos or approaching someone. Refrain from making any physical contact without consent.

Guest Signing Events

Please keep your converstaion brief if the line is long. This will allow the best chance for everyone in the line to meet the guest. Bringing a gift or fan letters is typically ok. However, management or the guests' handler will make the final call on whether a gift may be accepted. Please keep the gift small as it may be difficult to bring back to their home countries.

Q&A Sessions

Do not ask inappropriate or 18+ questions as most Q&A session are all ages.
Do not ask personal, private, or controversial questions.
All guests maintain the right to refuse answering questions.