Schedule and General Guidelines


Autograph and Photo Booth sessions are some of the highlights for many congoers! We would all jump at the opportunity to meet our favourite guests up close and walk away with a personal memento.

Make sure you read through this page before lining up! It will review guest etiquette, schedule, and procedures for autographs and photo booth. 

General Etiquette

Please be respectful with our guests and other attendees. Always ask for permission before taking photos or approaching someone. Refrain from making any physical contact without consent.

At Autograph & Photo Booth

Please keep your conversation brief if the line is long. We want to try to accommodate everyone. Please refrain from asking guests to autograph your skin and clothes that you are wearing.
It’s okay to bring a small gift or fan letter to your favourite guests. Please let a staff or volunteer at the autograph section know that you have a gift, and allow them to inspect it. Make sure that your gift is unwrapped so that it can be inspected.
Please keep your gift in small form so it will not inconvenience the guest.