"Are you able to recognize anisongs with only a few notes?"


This is a competitive Name That Tune variant where you’re in control! Players take turns choosing topics, and must identify anime shows from music. With multiple difficulty levels, both newcomers and seasoned viewers will feel comfortable. Speedtune is fast and furious, but it’s also informative, as the audience learns a bit about every featured show. Take some notes, as you’ll definitely discover something new to watch!

Speedtune has held 15 events at various conventions since 2013. International Fan Fest Toronto is proud to be Speedtune’s new flagship home!

Please line up before the event begins if you wish to play. Priority ticketing is in effect. 28 game tickets will be offered. 5 waitlist tickets will be offered after the game tickets.

  • There are 5 open games of 6 players each, plus a grand final. Each game lasts approximately 25 minutes.
  • 2 game tickets are reserved for the hall of fame players.
  • Priority ticketing is in effect. Game tickets will be offered first to premium pass holders in descending tiers: master, diamond, platinum, gold.
  • Platinum pass holders and above may request to be seated in an open game without a hall of fame player.
  • Hall of fame players may take any seat. Other players are then seated afterwards. If players cannot agree to where they will be seated, seat order will be determined randomly.
  • The grand final is played for a trophy. Finalists are the winners of each open game, plus the highest-scoring non-winner as the wild card. If a finalist is unable to play, the spot is filled by the next available high scorer.
  • Grand final seating is based on ascending open game scores. Replacements and the wild card sit before the open game winners.